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Transitioning to College—How Coaching Can Help

So, you’ve been accepted to college, but your not sure how things will go.  College life, at first, can be overwhelming and challenging. There are new people to meet,courses to choose, and new living conditions to adapt to.  It’s exciting and daunting at the same time. Will I get along with my roommates, will I make new friends,and will they understand my Asperger’s, ADD, or NLD?  How will I manage my academics and get my assignments and papers in on time?  Will I remember to take my medication on schedule, eat well, and exercise?  Will I get any sleep?  There are many demands for your time and energy, but the right support–especially in the beginning–can make all the difference in  your success and happiness.

In high school, you may have received good grades with a lot of support from your teachers, parents and coaches.  But in college, the expectation is that you can self-regulate and get things done on your own.

Resident Assistants and counselors are available to help you settle into college life (roommate issues, rules, social activities), while counselors can help you with your acute or chronic emotional problems, but neither is available to help you organize yourself so that you can have daily structure and discipline to be in control of your newfound life.

This is where coaching comes in.  A coach will guide you to have great time management skills.  We can work together to prioritize, plan, and carry out your plan the way you want your first semester to go.  There are many strategies to make life easier and more enjoyable.  We will decide what strategies to implement, and how to create accountability to keep you on track.

We can meet on FaceTime, Skype, or telephone.  Sessions are 1 hour; once a week; with emailing in between to assist you in identifying what may get in the way of accomplishing your goals, and what do you want to do about it?  Our meetings are confidential and private, and I am happy to discuss any personal issues with your private physician or therapist as long as you give me consent.

I can be reached at: or my office @617-332-5476.

I look forward to hearing from you.  Best of luck!

Laurette Fine-Genest,RN

Asperger,AD/HD, NLD Life Skills Coach

Asperger,AD/HD,NLD Lifeskills Course

Topics will include:  Communication,Executive Function,Stress Reduction,Money Management,Assertiveness/Self -advocating, Health

6-8 participants; 1.5 hr sessions, 7 weeks, date TBA, $35.00 per session.  Contact information-;

Support group for single moms parenting a child, teen or adult with Asperger’s Syndrome

This group will focus on the challenges  of single parenting a loved one with Asperger’s Syndrome.  Do you need support/friends/resources?  Come meet other moms and share your concerns.

We will meet for 6 weeks @ my office in W.Newton(option to continue)
45.00 per session(sorry, insurance not accepted)
Plenty of parking; 5 minute walk to commuter line; convenient to Bus # 553/554; 1 mile to Green Line; private/ confidential.

Contact information: Laurette Fine-Genest, RN and Life Skills Coach;; 617-332-5476



3 NEW Social Skills/Support Groups Starting in September

3 NEW social skills/ support groups (children, teenagers, adults)starting in September.  Participants will learn how to read nonverbal cues, practice conversation and share concerns.  Six to seven participants; sessions are 1.5 hrs for 6 weeks (with an option to continue).  $35.00 per session  (sorry, not covered by insurance; will provide a receipt), confidential and private.

Location: 45 Elm St., West Newton, MA 02465; plenty of parking.

Contact :  Laurette Fine-Genest, RN, Life Skills Coach; 617-332-5476

FREE Information Session: Coaching Services for Children, Teens & Adults

FREE information session to learn about my coaching services for children, teens, and adults.  Date & time to be announced.  Call 617-332-5476 for further information.

Support Group for parents of young adults to discuss enabling

Support group for parents of young adults to discuss enabling.  What is enabling?  How do you support and not enable?  Come share your thoughts/concerns/past experience with other parents.  Registration required; call 617-332-5476.