My Services

What is Coaching?

  • Coaching is a designed alliance between you and the coach to meet your needs
  • Coaching focuses on your agenda and action learning
  • Coaching addresses how to achieve balance in your life

Coaching focuses on you and where you are going in your life. It is different from counseling; counseling focuses on working through past issues,while coaching deals with planning for today, the future, and figuring out what makes you successful.

My Practice

Organizational development and time management for kids, teens and adults.

  • Use strategies to keep you on task with short and long term projects
  • Space your time and break down projects into manageable jobs, while avoiding procrastination
  • Establish your own reward and consequence system
  • Use environmental controls- what works best for you- early morning, library, coffee shop, music on/off?

Professional Organizer 

I will help you understand:

  • The underlying reasons why you might clutter up your home, office or assignments
  • Teach you how to sort and discard unwanted items
  • Teach you how to maintain your space so you can look forward to spending time there.