Our Work Together


We can work by appointment in your home or office, in my office, or by telephone/ Skype.Location: My office is in the Boston, Massachusetts suburb of West Newton, a short walk from the West Newton commuter line and MBTA. The T is one mile away. Off-street parking is available.
Telephone Coaching: Phone coaching is another way to obtain support and guidance. Some people prefer this method so they can be anonymous, have fewer distractions and to save time commuting to and from appointments. Like one-on-one coaching, phone coaching assures confidentiality.  I also do SKYPE or FACETIME.


I offer a complimentary 1/2 hour consultation so that we can see how we work together.For subsequent sessions, payment is due at the time of service(cash or check).  I also work on a sliding scale basis.
Getting Reimbursed

If you’re child  has an IEP, make sure that you specify–in writing–  that private coaching services(social skills, organizational skills, job skills) are necessary. I can provide you with a receipt, and you can ask the school to be reimbursed.

Your insurance may reimburse you for my services.  First, contact your provider and ask if he/she can write an order (medically necessary) for you or your loved one to receive help.  I’d be happy to give you a receipt at our meeting.

You can also get a medical tax deduction for my services.  Keep good records and submit them to your accountant at the end of the year.