Your Challenges

What are your struggles?

Difficulty in Social Situations/ Social Thinking

Address obstacles that may interfere with connecting with others.  Work on communication skills: taking perspective, taking initiative, being a good listener, figuring out what people are talking about, seeing the big picture.

  • Size up a social scene prior to the event/dress appropriately to the occasion— and look your best
  • Read non-verbal cues
  • Start and keep a conversation going- we’ll practice real life situations

Transitioning to College

Transitioning from one crucial stage in life to another can challenge us more than we anticipate.

A student who has had trouble in high school managing their time, establishing goals, or balancing their social life with academia, may face a greater challenge once arriving on a college campus. This next phase of their journey will require greater discipline and commitment to succeed. Some students require assistance crossing these new bridges on their own.

  • Manage the expectations, demands and stress of college life(schoolwork, longterm projects, sleep, meals, medication, social life/relaxation, negotiating with roommates).
  • Building strong social, professional and community connections from day one
  • Reducing risks and staying safe around alcohol and drugs
  • Dealing effectively and smartly with common conflicts and challenges
  • Using campus resources to your best advantage

Transitioning to Work

  • Setting up appointments & interviewing
  • How to dress
  • How to reduce anxiety/stress
  • How to get along with co-workers/boss

Disorganization/ Interdependent Living

I can help you understand and focus on issues, concerns &worries that cause disorganization.   A big part of my coaching is organizing.  You can learn to:

  • Recognize and deal with procrastination, and your Gremlin( inner negative voice).
  • Set priorities /reasonable goals
  • Manage clutter(eliminate useless things), organize your home, office, appointments and school assignments so you can be more productive

Learn how to:

  • Shop/cook for healthy eating
  • Discover relaxing activities that will help you meet others and have a social life
  • Pay bills on time
  • Keep track of appointments and showing up on time
  • Be assertive and get along with roommates and family

For Families & Caregivers

  • Provide ongoing direction to you, your spouse, teenager or adult relative.
  • Negotiate expectations, goals, and rules
  • Help connect you and your loved one to the right resources.
  • Can be a liaison to teachers, therapists, doctors and more.

Healthy Lifestyle

  • Proper nutrition
  • Exercise plan
  • Medication compliance
  • Anxiety and stress reduction using mindfulness practice
  • Learn about sleep requirements and how to get the most out of your day.